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Central Kitchen Management Software

Receive, Ship, & Monitor Orders Internally

Turn any branch into a Central Kitchen and enable internal ordering within your business. Accept, reject, or change orders, showcase stock quantities to other branches, and deplete and replenish inventories accurately.

Central Kitchen Module

Streamlined Operations

Enable Internal Ordering across branches.

Monitor Your Orders

Confirm, receive, change, reject, & ship orders.

Produce & Transfer In Bulk

Boost your operational efficiency by mass producing items, and shipping them all at once.

Dedicated Central Kitchen Module

Streamline Your Internal Supply Chain Operation

Configure any branch to operate like a Central Kitchen. Receive orders from branches, review stock & expected stock availability, then change, confirm, or reject orders.

Central Kitchen Module
Central Kitchen Module
Clear Order Statuses

Send, Accept, Reject, Change, Ship, & Receive Orders.

Monitor your order’s status and never operate in the dark ever again. Forget about needing to call, text, or email to get an update, and plan your productions and operations based on expected times of arrival.

Batch Productions & transfers

Produce & Transfer Items In Bulk

When demand goes up and several branches are asking for the same time, boost your operational efficiency by producing and shipping these items in bulk, at once. 

Central Kitchen Module

Take your F&B business
to the next level

Yes, with Supy you can configure any branch to start operating like a central kitchen. You will see an additional Central Kitchen module within their Supy workspace. 

Yes, Supy’s central kitchen management software allows you to hide your stock quantities from other branches. This option can be activated in the settings.

Great question! Transfers are limited to transferring items rather simply. Supy’s Central Kitchen Management software provides branches with more advanced options to help them process a high volume of regular orders. These options includes seeing the amount of stock you have in your inventory, pushing orders into bulk production and transfers, and associating an order status to each order. The central kitchen module also brings in options from the procurement module, namely delivery notes, and a dedicated GRN interface for internal orders.


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