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Restaurant Invoices & Settlements

Record Invoices Accurately & Take Back Control Of Payments

Accelerate your restaurant invoice recording process, boost receiving & inventory accuracy, & manage statements of account easily to take back control of your supplier payments.

inventory management

Save Hours

of painful, manual
receiving processes

Reduce Invoice Errors

thanks to a state-of-the-art
invoice recording system

Boost Accuracy

with discrepancy alerts built within
the invoice recording workflow

Digitised Recording of Restaurant Invoices

Manage All-Things Invoices, Easily​

Record every invoice ever received easily, know who received your items, and see which items were received and which are missing. Take invoice recording to the next level using a system built for ultra sharp-accuracy and adapted to the most complex receiving cases, including flagging missing items, and creating credit notes.
inventory management
inventory management
Built To Tackle Complexity​

Built For The Most Complex Invoice Input Scenarios​

Missing items ? Flag your invoice as partially received. Need to reconcile an invoice error directly ? Create a credit note, in just a click. Your supplier does not accept credit ? Flag your invoice as pending document while waiting for a new invoice. We thought of every use case to ensure every invoice is accurate, traceable, and easy to understand by anyone, at a glance.
Precise Data analysis​

Control The Impact Price Fluctuations Have On Your Data​

Control how each change in item price affects your cost analytics, and maximize the accuracy of your reporting for confident decision-making when analyzing your suppliers. Establish transparent settings to specify the impact that Zero-Priced, Higher-Priced, and Discounted Items has on your metrics.
inventory management
inventory management
Efficient Credit Notes Management​

Manage Credit Notes In Clicks, Not Hours​

Create, allocate, and close credit notes accurately and easily. Generate credit notes directly from your digital invoice, between a branch and a supplier, upon receiving your items. Allocate credit to an invoice and generate negative invoices in a click.

More Exciting Features by Supy

Accuracy Starts With Accountability​​​

Every change to your invoice is logged in for future reference. Address discrepancies fast by knowing who to talk to.

Receive Multiple Orders At Once, Or One Order Multiple Times​​

Every invoice is linked to the orders it’s attached to. Order several times a day from a supplier, and receive all your items at once without fear of complexity or lack of accuracy.

Know What’s Going On, At A Glance​​

Understand the status of a GRN or Credit Note using clear symbols and statuses. Draft, Save, or Post a GRN. Open and Allocate a Credit Note, then close it to end its lifecycle. Work with freedom and flexibility until you’re ready to make things official.

Get Notified In Real-Time When Discrepancies Appear​​

Prevent discrepancies during your receiving process by being alerted when inaccuracies appear. Prevent mistakes now and save hours of investigation later.

Keep A Digital Record Of Physical Documents​

Scan your invoices and delivery notes while receiving your items, and keep a digital track of all physical documents you’ve ever received to review discrepancies whenever they appear.
Activity Log
Multiple Receiving
Invoice & Credit Note Statuses
Discrepancy Alerts & Notifications
Scanned Invoices
Recording supplier invoices so accurately couldn’t be easier. We’ve accurately tallied suppliers statement of accounts and easily pinpointed mismatches, in turn cutting down our costs and saving us hours
Khalil Kanaan - Managing Partner

Just like butter,
Supy goes with everything

Built to work with your existing ecosystem. Got a POS system or accounting software ? We work with the tools you already use.
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Yes, Supy hosts multiple connectors to the most common tech tools used in the F&B industry, including accounting software,and is continually open to new integrations.

Yes, Supy provides an easy way to generate credit notes for your restaurant operations to keep track of supplier credits, and simplify settlements. It includes the ability to generate negative invoices too.

Supy’s Goods Received Note (GRN) helps restaurant operators receive items and record invoices. Our GRN process is linked to any purchase order generated from our restaurant procurement software and therefore matches the items set in this purchase order upon reception. The receiver can then change the digital receipt to the actual items delivered and can flag missing items as partially received, or as supplier credit. Supy’s restaurant receiving tool is one of the most advanced in the industry.

Supy’s integrated system helps new restaurateurs manage their finances, from procurement to sales, ensuring a smooth start to their restaurant journey.

Yes, Supy offers a centralized dashboard where you can view, manage, and analyze all your invoices and settlements.

Yes, Supy allows users to decide whether to update an item’s price to a new set price, or consider it as a one-off exception. Some of these exceptions include discounts and free items. Furthermore, Supy’s settings enable administrators to decide whether to account or not these one-off price changes within the restaurant’s analytics. 

Supy provides detailed reports on settlements, making it easier to reconcile supplier payments and track any outstanding amounts.

Take your F&B business
to the next level

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