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Restaurant Procurement Software

Reduce Your COGS With Smart, Data-Driven Purchasing​

Accelerate your buying process with Supy’s mobile app, avoid shortages with Par-Level-based automated ordering recommendations, and identify cost-reducing buying opportunities thanks to powerful supplier performance & procurement analytics.

inventory management

22 Hours Saved

per month on ordering, thanks to
digitized & automated operations

-25% COGS

using data-driven insights to identify buying patterns & negotiate better deals

-60% wastage

thanks to smart recommendations
& high-precision ordering

Restaurant procurement App

Purchase Ingredients Quickly & Error-Free​

All your suppliers and ingredients centralised in your Supy app. Send templated purchase orders in seconds. Review order total, edit items, and approve drafted purchase orders even while on-the-go. No more time-consuming paperwork, calls, emails, or texts. 0 installation required on your suppliers’ end. 0 effort on yours.

inventory management
inventory management
Order by category​

Search For Items & Create Purchase Orders By Category​

Take the hassle out of ordering for your team by aggregating the items sourced by different suppliers under a single category. When sourcing regularly from the same supplier, set it as a preferred supplier to accelerate your purchasing process. Once done, send multiple purchase orders in just a click.
Automated ordering recommendations​

Order To Par & Never Overstock Or Understock ​

Set a par and minimum levels for each item in your inventory. Get notified when an item goes below par, and order the exact quantity of all items below par during your next procurement operation, in just a click.
inventory management
inventory management
Reporting & Analytics

Identify Cost-Saving Opportunities Using Accurate Insights​

Track purchase value per supplier, follow price fluctuations, and identify discrepancies to cut costs fast. Discover which supplier leads to most savings, gain deep insights onto your purchasing patterns, and oversee supplier performance to negotiate better deals, take back control of your costs, and boost your bottom line.

More Procurement Software Features by Supy

Know Your Order’s Status​​

Whether your order has been drafted, submitted, confirmed, denied, received, partially received, or closed, stay in the know at all times with clear order statuses. No more calling to know where your order is.

Control Spending with Powerful Approval Workflows​

Set different roles for your team and assign permissions around order creation, order amount, and order approval. Set up par levels, purchasing budgets, and price limits. Smart protocols that help you reduce your costs.
Advanced Order Tracking
Workflows & Permissions
We’ve cut costs by 25% by negotiating better deals with our suppliers thanks to Smart Purchasing & clear supplier insights, all thanks to Supy
Alex Debarre - Owner


Supy’s restaurant procurement software digitizes the entire restaurant purchasing process, and replaces the need for pen & paper, manual ordering. Supy automatically creates and sends templated purchase orders to your respective suppliers. In Supy, you can also order by category, meaning your team does not need to then separate items per supplier, as the procurement software does it for you automatically. Given Supy’s interconnected modules, your team can set par levels per inventory in order to trigger alerts for each item whenever its stock goes below par. All of these restaurant purchasing features enable the fast ordering of ingredients.    

Orders are received by suppliers via email or whatsapp. Supy creates and sends customizable templated emails on your behalf in order to avoid needing to write manual emails. Your supplier can then accept or edit the order based on their stock availability. 


Yes, Supy’s analytics tool, and more specifically our supplier performance dashboard,  provides actionable insights on Supplier Savings, FOCs, Supplier Discounts, Order Quantity, Price Fluctuations, and more, enabling better procurement decisions for restaurant owners, reducing food waste for their business, and enabling fairer deals.

Just like butter,
Supy goes with everything

Built to work with your existing ecosystem. Got a POS system or accounting software ? We work with the tools you already use.
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