Menu engineering Software​

Create Profitable, Accurate, & Replicable Recipes​​

Enter precise items and quantities to replicate recipes easily, link real-time ingredient price to recipes to never sell at a loss, and find the price that’s right for both you and your customers with our cost simulator.
A product shot showcasing Supy's menu and recipe engineering.

High-Precision Preparation

Accurate items & quantities ensure
foolproof recipe preparation

Real-Time Cost-Tracking

Link your ingredients to your
recipes to never sell at a loss

Built-In Food Cost Alerts

Set Food Cost Targets & be notified when cost go beyond their acceptable limit

Recipe profitability Tracking​

Monitor Recipe Profitability With Real-Time Ingredient Cost Tracking​

Monitor the profitability of your recipes in real-time with the deep integration to our procurement module. By linking and regularly updating all ingredient costs to your recipes, you’ll be instantly alerted when ingredient prices increase, and your recipe’s profitability is impacted. With just a click, identify the recipes that need your attention and take immediate action to ensure you never sell at a loss.
Advanced recipe builder​

Create Precise, Profitable, & Repeatable Recipes​

Create accurate and foolproof recipes by clearly specifying the ingredients, semi-finished recipes, and quantities needed. Pick a unit of measurement that makes cooking a piece of cake and specify the percentage of waste for each item to keep your inventory in check. Just one click and voilà!
Costing Simulator​

Simulate Revenue & Maximize Profits​​

Estimate the net revenue generated by each recipe and find the pricing sweet spot that satisfies both you and your customer. Estimate the food cost percentage for each recipe, then set alerts when increases in ingredient price push your food cost percentage beyond your acceptable limit. Work in reverse by setting a target food cost to help determine the ideal price for your menu items.
Supy gave us comprehensive insights on our menu performance and profit mix. Real-time visibility onto both recipe costs and sales performance makes it an invaluable tool for us.
Samer Hamadeh - Owner

Just like butter,
Supy goes with everything

Built to work with your existing ecosystem. Got a POS system or accounting software ? We work with the tools you already use.
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