The most efficient way to streamline the ordering process with your suppliers.

If you’re a Restaurant Owner, Procurement Manager, Executive Chef, or Sous Chef, Supy was built for you!

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We are building Supy explicitly for restaurants on the back of problems uncovered in our kitchens to streamline end-to-end order processing between restaurants and suppliers.

One App for all your suppliers

Communicate and place orders with all your suppliers through Supy

Manage your Central Kitchen and all your Branches

Empower as many branches and users as you need, to place orders directly from your Central Kitchen, in addition to your suppliers

Take Control of your orders and invoices

Keep track of all your orders in one place and record the exact quantities you are receiving of each ingredients 

Smarter Purchasing Decisions with better Data

Make better and smarter purchasing decisions with real-time insights into your business. View dashboards and reports to better understand your purchasing trends, in turn reducing wastage and cost

The fastest way to order from your suppliers

Create a purchase order in less than 10 seconds saving you 300 hours per year

100% Free

Benefit from Supy’s features for 0 charges!

How does it work?

Check out some of Supy’s features 

All in one

View all you suppliers on one screen

Real Time Communcation

Collaborate in real-time with your co-workers and suppliers

Order from anywhere

Add your ingredients to your cart with a few clicks

Order Insights

Manage your orders and notify your co-workers and finance team of the exact quantities of items you have received


Keep track of all your orders by getting some insights in your purchasing trends.
Reach out to your account manager for customized reports.

Market leaders trust Supy
with their ordering

And the feedback we’ve been receiving from them is phenomenal

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