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La Carnita boosts profits by 15%, with Supy

“Small changes, big results : from helping us replicate recipes accurately to keeping track of our menu’s profitability, Supy’s an all-encompassing, must-have solution for hospitality businesses looking to grow sustainably.”

Khalil Kanaan – Managing Partner

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Meet La Carnita

The delicious Mexican restaurant taking the Dubai scene by storm. From nachos to enchiladas, La Carnita’s made a name for itself in the eating hotspot scene.



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The Challenge

“We were selling, but weren’t maximizing profits. We knew we could take down costs, but couldn’t pin point how. With real time access to menu profitability, Supy helped us figure it out.”
Khalil Kanaan - Managing Partner

The Solution

“Supy’s Menu Engineering helped us understand our business and our customers.”

Khalil Kannan - Managing Partner

The Results

“Supy helps business grow sustainably by putting the spot light on what works, and fixing what doesn’t.”
Khalil Kannan - Managing Partner

This is Supy.

The 6-in-1 Back-of-House management platform designed to eliminate guesswork from restaurant operations using data and automation.

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