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Pinza! reduces its variance by a record-high 83%​

“Supy’s ultra-accurate inventory makes finding and addressing discrepancies quick and easy. We’ve reduced waste, improved variance, and increased profits in record time. Incredible !”

Tamer E. – Managing Partner

Products used

-83% in Variance

+14% Profitability

-18% in Wastage

Meet Pinza
Nourishing, wholesome and completely irresistible, PINZA! is on a mission to introduce our uniquely healthy yet undeniably tasty menu to our community of thinkers, doers, movers, shakers and lovers of life.


Operation Type

Dark Kitchen

Cuisine Type


The Challenge

“Implementing controls in our operation with Supy’s Back of House allowed us to have clear visibility on our cost”
Tamer Elkhayat - Managing Partner

The Solution

“with Parallel Count we’re counting faster, more accurately, and more often”

Tamer Elkhayar - Managing Partner
Stock Count Inventory mobile app

The Results

“Supy gave us control over our back of house. Our variance & wastage are at an all time low. Our profits, at an all time high.”

Tamer Elkhayat - Managing Partner

This is Supy.

The 6-in-1 Back-of-House management platform designed to eliminate guesswork from restaurant operations using data and automation.

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