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Hattem Mattar reduces COGS by 24%, with Supy

“Supy is the must-have F&B partner for new restaurants needing to measure performance fast and adapt to thrive. Value-adding solution, seamless integrations, time-saving professional services.”

Hattem M. – Owner

Products used

-24% COGS

100 Hours Saved / Month

Variance at 3%

Meet The Customer

Led by chef Hattem Mattar, FIYA is the new go-to destination for lovers of meats and briskets. The concept is built around “live fire cuisine”, and is surrounded by trees and rocks.



Operation Type


Cuisine Type

Casual / BBQ

The Challenge

“We were operating in the dark. Taking decisions without factual data is risky business.”
Hattem Mattar - Owner

The Solution

“Supy’s supplier performance dashboard showed us which supplier’s best to do business with”

Hattem Mattar - Owner

The Results

“We identified discrepancies the second we turned Supy on. It was like magic. We cut our COGS and built stronger relationships with our best suppliers.”
Hattem Mattar - Owner

This is Supy.

The 6-in-1 Back-of-House management platform designed to eliminate guesswork from restaurant operations using data and automation.

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