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Introducing Supy’s Platform : The Data-Driven Back-of-House Solution for Hospitality Businesses

We’re proud to announce the launch of our state-of-the-art back-of-house platform: the data-driven restaurant inventory solution designed to help F&B operators maximize profits by cutting costs, reducing food waste, and boosting sales.

This is a significant milestone for Supy since our launch in 2021 as a single-product procurement software. This natural evolution from product to platform came in as a response to the overwhelming requests received from our 2,000+ customers for a more complete back-of-house product line, ready to tackle the most complex inventory operations such as managing recipes, depleting ingredients, or tracking costs – accurately.

Supy’s Tech & Product teams built a suite of back-of-house products focused on accuracy, modularity, and clarity, designed to empower F&B groups to manage their operations with more efficiency, which in turn leads to a direct positive impact on the F&B businesses’ bottom line. Our product line is also designed to prioritize ESG initiatives through a focus on reducing food waste.

A New Suite Of Cutting-Edge Inventory Products

Product showcasing 3 dashboards of Supy's inventory management platform.

We’re proud to introduce a host of powerful new modules and capabilities designed to unlock value and streamline operations throughout a restaurant’s back-of-house : 

    • Procurement Software, designed to enable kitchen and procurement managers to order smarter, through data-powered, digitized operations. Purchase orders are produced in clicks, and ordering is optimized using smart recommendations and powerful user permissions.
    • Invoices & Settlements Software, designed to ensure accuracy in invoice recording, and clarity in both credit note allocation and inventory stock updates. Adapted to the most complex invoice recording scenarios, the reliability of the data going into an F&B operator’s system is accurate from the start.
    • Restaurant Inventory Software, designed to act as a centralized repository that consolidates all of a restaurant’s items, vendors, recipes, and semi-finished recipes; thus facilitating a comprehensive view and analysis of a Hospitality Business across all brands and branches.
    • Menu & Recipe Engineering Software, designed to engineer high-performing menus and profit-making recipes, notably through granular portioning, accurate depletion models, and in-depth integration to our procurement module; linking ingredient price fluctuations & sales performance for real-time profitability analysis.
    • Central Kitchen Software, designed to adapt to the needs of large-scale food businesses operating with a central kitchen at the heart of their processes.
    • Reports & Analytics, designed to enable rapid decision-making thanks to built-in, clickable, ready-to-use dashboards powered by live data. This ensures real-time visibility into restaurant operations, enabling data-driven decisions that directly impact profitability
    • Integrations, designed to enable Supy to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, including POS, ERP, and Accounting systems.

Supy is the inventory management system designed to enable efficient tracking, monitoring, and optimization of stock levels, resulting in reduced waste, improved ordering accuracy, and increased cost savings. Furthermore, this technology allows restaurants to accurately forecast demand, maintain optimal inventory levels, minimize overstocking, and identify potential supply chain inefficiencies.

A Compelling Need For A Best-In-Class
Back-Of-House Solution

restaurant inventory management

Over the last decade, there has been an avalanche of technology companies who have all built solutions to either focus on digitizing delivery or front-of-house operations (POS systems). Yet, there has been very little innovation when it comes to the heartbeat of all restaurants – their back-of-house. Traditional ERP systems are lumpy, expensive, complicated, and time-consuming to implement. Most of the time, these systems, as well as other newer age platforms, tend to have inventory management as a feature set or product line that is neglected and underdeveloped.

The need for a back-of-house focused solution was accentuated with Covid-19, as restaurants have faced significant challenges that have had a negative impact on profit margins. The rise in competition, reliance on delivery aggregators, and escalating supplier costs (given macroeconomic volatility and key ingredient shortages) amplified the need for a firm focus on cost controls.

With Supy’s intelligent inventory management platform, restaurateurs are equipped with the tools they need to streamline operations, optimize resources, and maximize profitability.

Overwhelming Demand By All Types Of
Hospitality Businesses

There has been overwhelming demand for this solution, with large hospitality businesses already signed up, such as:

  • Addmind Group, recognized for their establishments like Sucre, Clap, Babylon, Bar Du Port, and several others
  • Seven Management, renowned for their restaurants such as February 30th, B018, Lucia’s, and others
  • Tashas Group, famous for their restaurants such as Tashas Cafe, Avli’s Flamingo Room, and others
  • KCG Group, known for their restaurants including Pinza! and FIYA

Tamer El Khayat, CEO at KCG, and Managing Partner at Pinza! and FIYA, said:

“Since implementing Supy’s inventory management system, we have witnessed a significant reduction in cost, specifically around wastage and variance, but also around our menu’s profitability. The platform’s intuitive features and real-time analytics have empowered us to make informed decisions to elevate our profitability.”

Supy caters to the needs of larger hospitality businesses, chains, and fine dining restaurants. Indeed, the platform was designed to be easy to use to help small operations get started quickly and with little support, but nuanced enough to tackle the most complex of back-of-house operations within large multi-chains restaurant groups.

Market-First Features

Beyond providing a world-class Inventory Management System, Supy prides itself on offering market-first features:

  • Built-in interactive analytics : ready-to-use, real-time dashboards requiring no additional design or support.
  • Separate inventories within a single location; enabling operators to optimize their COGS and performance by inventory (bar, kitchen, chemicals…)
  • Synchronized, parallel stock counting; enabling teams to count inventory stock at the same time, thus dividing the amount of stock to count, accelerating the count, and increasing count accuracy.
  • Mobile-friendly ; enabling users to operate more efficiently even while on the go.
  • High customization; enabling the alignment of Supy with specific operational requirements and procedures such as costing methods or item configuration rules.

Supy Professional Services :
The Invisible Team Player

Complementing our exceptional platform, Supy provides best in-class professional services enabling businesses to outsource the time-consuming but vital tasks necessary to maintain a reliable, accurate, and up-to-date Back-of-House.

Our professional services include a series of cost-control services and support services. Some of these services include :

  • Premium Data Entry : daily registration of invoices, wastage, and transfers, boosting a food business’s team’s productivity and inventory reliability.
  • Back-Of-House Advisory : a dedicated back-of-house consultant, providing data entry, custom reports, and professional advice on configuring inventory operations for optimal efficiency.

  • Implementation : a dedicated implementation specialist, along with vendor, item, and inventory configuration.

  • Premium Support : a dedicated account manager, 24/7 troubleshooting, priority chat.

Stand-alones, casual dining, and cafes have experienced the greatest benefits from Supy’s professional services with a 97% subscription rate upon signing up for the software solution. These services have shown an immediate impact on costs and profitability. In some cases, these services have led to significant cost reductions, with restaurant expenses being cut in half.

Supy’s mission will always be to empower restaurants and help them maximize profit. The transformation into a comprehensive platform marks a significant milestone in achieving this goal, reinforcing the commitment to support the success and sustainability of the Hospitality industry.

About Supy

Founded in 2021 by Yazeed Bin Busayis, Ibrahim Bou Ncoula, and Dani El Zein, Supy is a leader in Hospitality Software, dedicated to empowering restaurateurs with advanced technology. Supy’s shareholders include the region’s most successful VC’s such as BECO Capital, COTU Ventures, Valia Ventures, and Global Ventures.

To learn more about Supy and explore how the advanced restaurant inventory management software can benefit your restaurant, visit our homepage, or talk to one of our experts.

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