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Restaurant Analytics Software

Built-In Restaurant Dashboards Powered By Real-Time Data

Take data-driven decisions using our suite of built-in reports that cover sales analytics, supplier performance, operations, inventory, wastage, and much more.

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Built-In Analytics

Powered By Live Data

Centralized Access

Built-In Dashboards

Everything You Need To Make Informed Decisions Is Already Here

Uncover Purchasing Patterns & Procure Better & Cheaper​

Track purchase value per supplier, location, and category. Understand which items are bought the most, from which supplier, and for which location to identify purchasing patterns and optimize your procurement operations.

See Which Supplier Treats You Best & Do Better Business​

See how each supplier treats you by seeing the percentage of discounts given to you. Identify trade deal breaches, and see which suppliers is increasing their prices at an unsustainable rate. Visualize Supplier Savings, Total Transactions, and FOCs.

Identify High-Wastage Sources & Address Them​​

Visualize wastage per location, type, and item, at a glance. Is your wastage high due to too many expiring items ? Order smarter. Are you creating wastage due to ingredient preparation? Train your team to better prep, or create new recipes using more profitable items.

Identify High Variance & Investigate The Causes​​​

Analyze variance by location and items. Spot high variance fast, and identify discrepancies due to theft, lack of stock counting, or irregular invoice recording.

Visualize Your Stock Distribution & Stock Value Per Location​

Your Inventory is the centre of your operations. Analyze your breakdown per item category, as well as the inventory value split and the stock value distribution per item. Analyze the pattern of user actions and address behaviors that might contribute to inaccuracies.

Understand What Sells Best, & Optimize It To Sell More​

Monitor sales trends, profits, & COGS. Analyze your menu performance by seeing how each recipe and category performs. Gain a profit overview per menu category, as well as best and worst performing recipes.

Analyse The Profitability Of Locations, Menu Items, & Ingredients​

Analyse your costs from every possible angle. Visualise the actual cost per item category, location, and ingredient. Understand your business’s patterns like never before, and take high-impact actions to run an ultra-efficient operation.

Understand Transfer Behaviour Amongst Your Branches​​

Analyse all transfer operations in-between branches and optimize your procurement and production operations. Save on transfer costs by running more efficient operations at scale.
Procurement Analytics
Supplier Performance
Wastage Analytics
Variance Analysis
Inventory Snapshots & Stock Movements
Sales Analytics
Actual & Theoretical Costs
Transfer Analytics
restaurant analytics software
Centralized Access

Access More Than 8 Dashboards From A Single Platform

Powered by live data

Real-Time Decision-Making For Real-Time Impact

Supy’s built-in dashboards are a powerful cost-cutting tool. Real-time analytics provide invaluable insights that empower us to optimize operations, identify profitable opportunities, and drive success.
George Mhawech - Commercial Director​

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