Refer and earn!

If you know someone in the Restaurant space who spends hours per day placing purchase orders with their Suppliers, refer them to us and receive AED500 in cash per activated Restaurant account on Supy!

How it works

Refer a friend

Fill out the form below and provide us with contact details

Sit back and relax

Supy Team will reach out to your friend and onboard them on the app

Earn Money!

Earn AED500 per activated account on Supy

Terms and conditions:
  • If your referee is a new potential account, our team will contact them within 24 hours of receiving the form
  • Supy will create all the content for your referee and onboard them on our app
  • Once the referee places 10 purchase orders with Supy, you will earn AED500
  • We will release payments to all referers on the 16th and 1st of every month