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Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Reduce Variance, Cost, & Waste By Taking Back Control Of Your Restaurant Inventory

Count your stock 3X faster, find and solve discrepancies easily, and save hours of work using alerts, automation, and data. Cut down your inventory variance, reduce food cost, and eliminate food waste once and for all.

restaurant inventory management

80% Variance Reduction

by easily & accurately capturing
stock events, as they happen

55% Food Cost Reduction

by monitoring stock metrics in real time
& addressing discrepancies fast

Up To 10 Hours Saved

per week on counting, thanks to
Parallel Counting

Restaurant Inventory Designed for action

Keep Track Of Your Stock. Find & Fix Discrepancies.

Monitor inventory levels at a glance and identify irregularities swiftly, thanks to a line by line distribution of your items. Review stock on hand, stock value, and Par Levels. Identify discrepancies using built-in alerting systems.

restaurant procurement
inventory management
Parallel Stock Counting​

Count Stock 3X Faster & 2X As Accurately, By Counting As A Team​

Accelerate stock counting and increase count accuracy by running digital, synchronized, and cross-device counting sessions with your team, thanks to Supy’s restaurant inventory management mobile app. Count more regularly to keep track of the variance between your actual and theoretical stock. Count items in any package and let Supy do all the quantity adaptations for you. Restaurant inventory management has never been easier.

One Location, Multiple Inventories

Track Food Cost Separately For Precise Control & Optimal Performance

Effortlessly manage both your kitchen and bar operations by keeping a close eye on each Food Cost, separately. Ensure accuracy by meticulously tracking stock events for each inventory, easily transferring goods between inventories, and assigning storage locations to every item created. Maintain precise control over your stock levels and optimize your overall restaurant performance with Supy.

inventory management
inventory management
Real-time Reporting & Analytics​

Know Where You’re Wasting Resources

Track variance, stock value, stock quantity, waste, Food Cost, menu performance, and margin evolution on Supy’s built-in, real-time dashboards. Identify and address discrepancies immediately and avoid bad surprises at the end of the month. Supy’s restaurant inventory management software was built to help you produce, collect, and analyze accurate, actionable data.

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More Restaurant Inventory Management Features

Register Wastage Events Quickly, Easily, & Accurately​

Don’t delay and forget : keep your inventory accurate and reliable by registering events as soon as they happen with Supy’s Mobile App. Register waste by recipe and let Supy deplete it down by item and quantity, automatically.

Log In Semi-Finished Recipe Production Orders In Seconds​

Convert ingredients into semi-finished recipes in clicks. Design your recipes, then deplete your ingredients within their respective inventories once a production event is logged.

Transfer Ingredients & Semi-Finished Recipes In-Between Branches & Inventories​

Monitor Transfer Orders at a glance with clear order statuses. Deplete the sending inventory and update the receiving inventory upon confirmation of the transfer.
Wastage Events
Production Events
Internal Transfers

Supy revolutionized restaurant inventory management. Reduced waste, improved variance, and increased profits. Monitoring Food Cost per inventory also made a significant impact.

Tamer Elkhayat - Owner

Just like butter,
Supy goes with everything

Built to work with your existing ecosystem. Got a POS system or accounting software ? We work with the tools you already use.
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Supy’s Restaurant Inventory Management system does not come with a POS system or accounting software as we focus solely on providing best-in-class back-of-house technology for restaurants. However, our numerous connectors allow an easy connection to most POS and accounting systems. Our team also regularly adds new connectors to our existing portfolio 

Yes, our inventory software provides real time updates on your stock status, at a granular level. Supy built-in notification system also enables real time alerts that can be set by user and by user role. This ensures that you and your team can identify and address discrepancies fast, ensuring effective restaurant operations.

With 6 interconnected modules enabling an easy and fluid flow of accurate data, Supy helps restaurant owners reduce food waste by delivering reliable, granular data on food waste sources. Supy’s built-in dashboards provide clear and actionable insights that anyone in a restaurant can understand and act on to reduce food waste. 


Yes, Supy’s inventory system is cloud-based and requires no installation or hardware whatsoever. Our infrastructure follows the industry’s highest security norms.

Yes, Supy’s inventory was built for enterprise-sized customers, namely F&B groups, multi-brand, multi-branch, multi-location restaurant businesses. 


Take your hospitality business
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