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Mobile restaurant Inventory App

Manage Your Inventory Anytime, Anywhere

Know what’s going on at all times, even when you’re out. Count your stock, send purchase orders, and register invoices in clicks. Address discrepancies and take data-driven decisions without delay.

Supy Mobile App

Save 100s Of Hours

Digitize your tasks, count your stock digitally,
& take decisions anywhere

Record Events In Real Time

Register waste, invoices, transfers,
as they happen.

Increased Data Entry

Anyone can input

Manage Your Inventory On-The-Go

Register Waste, Transfers, & Invoices From Your Phone

  • Don’t delay and forget: input real-time data in your system, as stock events happen.
  • Streamline your operations, reduce human errors, and accelerate the entry of data, by digitizing your processes.
  • Enable decision-making for all by inputing relevant data on a regular basis.
Supy Mobile Inventory App : Register Wastage
Supy Mobile Inventory App : stock count
Boost Operational Efficiency

Count Your Stock & Order Items In Clicks

  • Count faster, more accurately, and more often as a team, then aggregate your counts in clicks.
  • Count items per package to save time and boost accuracy.
  • Order below-PAR items in clicks, and let Supy send a pixel-perfect purchase orders to your suppliers.
Powerful User Permissions & Workflows

Protect Data Accuracy & Reliability By Assigning Custom Roles To User

  • Set admin, manager, and staff roles to all users.
  • Customize your own roles for more control.
  • Set powerful automated workflows, with drafter and approval roles.
Supy Mobile Inventory App : user permissions
Built-in Alerts & notifications

Don't Operate Blindly. Know When Things Go Wrong, & Take Control.

  • Set up alerts and notifications on food costs, stock quantities, order statuses, and more.
  • Be notified when a discrepancy appears, and take action.
Andy Salas

Supy’s Mobile App gives my team control over our business. From drafting & approving orders going out, to reducing shortages thanks to below PAR alerts, Supy’s app improved our operational efficiency significantly.

Andy Salas - General Manager

Visualize Your Ecosystem's Data On Your Phone

Built to work with your existing ecosystem. Got a POS system or accounting software ? We work with the tools you already use.
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Take your hospitality business
to the next level

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