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Aggregate & Access Real-Time Sales & Inventory Data

Enhance your business efficiency by integrating your Supy inventory management with Geidea’s POS to grow, scale and boost your business efficiency. Effortlessly synchronize sales and menu data across multiple locations ensuring a seamless operational flow between front-end and back-end management


Import Sales Data

And deplete your
inventory in real time

Reduce Human Errors

Automate the flow of data
between front and back-of-house

Visualize Performance

Real time update of Food Cost, profits,
and menu performance

Streamlined Operations

Connect Your Sales Data To Your Inventory Data, Seamlessly

Close the gap between your service area and kitchen management. Link your Geidea POS with Supy’s inventory system to automate the transfer of sales data, ensuring precise and real-time inventory updates. Seamlessly connect multiple Geidea POS systems to various Supy inventories across different branches, guaranteeing accurate ingredient tracking and smooth data flow.

Supy Partnerships & Integrations
restaurant analytics software
Natively Data-Driven

Robust Analytics That Save You Time & Money

Refresh and oversee your Food Cost, evaluate the sales success of your menu offerings, and swiftly address any variances, enhancing operations across your entire enterprise. Keep track of each recipe’s cost and modify your menu and purchasing strategies to increase profits. With integrated dashboards, your team can avoid spending hours on report generation, enabling you to make cost-effective decisions. Maximize the benefits of your Geidea POS system.

Bilingual Support Included

2 Week Implementation,
24/7 Customer Support

We act swiftly to help you conserve time and resources efficiently. Supy & Geidea have developed efficient procedures to get you up and running in a matter of days, providing continuous support both during and after the implementation phase.

What is Geidea ?

Geidea, a prominent fintech payment service provider, specializes in digital banking technology, smart payment terminals, and business management solutions for SMEs in retail and digital commerce. Serving over 150,000 merchants globally, Geidea was founded in 2008 in Saudi Arabia by entrepreneur Abdullah Faisal Al-Othman and has expanded its operations to the UAE and Egypt. The company, first non-bank entity in Saudi Arabia to receive an acquiring license from SAMA, focuses on empowering merchants and SMEs with essential business tools.

Recognized as a Great Place to Work® in its regions of operation, Geidea prioritizes a high-trust workplace culture. With over 2000 employees and a 75 percent market share in Saudi Arabia, the company provides 700,000 terminals and holds a leading position in the Middle East fintech sector, as acknowledged by Forbes.

Geidea Pos

Supy’s partnership team does a great job at establishing processes with their partners. Integrations are fast to implement, bug-free, and deliver immense value.

Khalil Kanaan - Managing Partner

Take your F&B business
to the next level

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