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Aggregate & Access Real-Time Sales & Inventory Data

Streamline the operations between your front- and back-of-house by connecting ForkPOS’ leading POS to Supy’s ground-breaking inventory system. Fetch sales and menu items data seamlessly, across branches.


Import Sales Data

And deplete your
inventory in real time

Reduce Human Errors

Automate the flow of data
between front and back-of-house

Visualize Performance

Real time update of COGS, profits,
and menu performance

Streamlined Operations

Connect Your Sales Data To Your Inventory Data, Seamlessly

Close the gap between your front-of-house and back-of-house. Connect your ForkPOS to Supy’s inventory to automate the import of sales data and deplete your inventory accurately and in real time. Connect as many ForkPOS systems to as many Supy inventories across branches to ensure the accurate depletion of ingredients and flow of data.

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restaurant analytics software
Natively Data-Driven

Robust Analytics That Save You Time & Money

Update and monitor your COGS, review the sales performance of your menu items, and act on discrepancies quickly and efficiently, across your entire business. Monitor the cost of each recipe and adapt your menu and procurement to boost profitability. Built-in dashboards means your team saves hours creating reports, and you save money taking informed decisions. Extract the maximum value out of your ForkPOS.

Bilingual Support Included

2 Week Implementation,
24/7 Customer Support

We move fast, to help you save time and money fast. Supy & ForkPOS have built processes to ensure you get going in days, and are supported along the way; during and after implementation. 

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What is Fork POS?

ForkPOS offers an innovative cloud-based point of sale system that revolutionizes sales management and customer service in various business types. Its system is crafted to handle sales in multiple scenarios with swift order processing, user-friendly interfaces, and robust offline capabilities, ensuring continuous operation even with unstable internet connections. ForkPOS shines in multi-store management, enabling efficient oversight of different locations through a central dashboard. It also includes features for real-time reporting and analytics, CRM and loyalty programs, and 24/7 customer support. The system’s flexibility allows for easy integration with existing solutions like ERP systems, payment terminals, and kitchen display systems, making it a versatile choice for businesses aiming to streamline their operations and grow their revenue.

Supy’s partnership team does a great job at establishing processes with their partners. Integrations are fast to implement, bug-free, and deliver immense value.

Khalil Kanaan - Managing Partner

Take your F&B business
to the next level

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