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SUPY x Zoho

Fetch Purchase Invoices Into Zoho

Save hours of work by importing purchase invoices  in just clicks. Build the bridge between your sales & cost. With Zoho, know where the money’s going, and take action.

Zoho Books

Built-In Connectors

Fetch purchase invoices,
in clicks. No extra effort.

Accounting, Improved

Avoid double entry, save time,
& reduce costly mistakes.

Clear Insights

Leverage accurate data to make
sound financial decisions.

Streamlined Accounting Process

Fetch Accurate Purchase Invoices Data In Clicks

  • Streamline your accounting process by eliminating manual data entries. 
  • Empower your accounting team with clean data they can trust, and have easy access to.
  • Save time and avoid errors thanks to automation.
Restaurant Accounting - Import Data
Restaurant P&L
Double Reliability

Strengthen Your P&L By Adding Supy-Calculated Accounting Metrics

  • Calculate key accounting metrics using Supy’s built-in accounting formulas, such as stock value, CoGS, wastage and transfer value, and more. 
  • Seamlessly create Journal Entries on your accounting software based on Supy’s accounting metrics.
What is Zoho ?

Zoho Books is a versatile, cloud-based accounting software ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers a range of features for efficient financial management, including automated invoicing, easy expense tracking, and real-time reporting. Zoho Books simplifies accounting tasks with its intuitive interface and provides valuable insights into business finances, aiding in better decision-making. Its mobility and integration capabilities make it a suitable choice for businesses seeking a streamlined and accessible financial management tool.


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Supy’s partnership team does a great job at establishing processes with their partners. Integrations are fast to implement, bug-free, and deliver immense value.

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