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Food Costing Software

Calculate, Control, & Cut Food Cost To Maximize Profitability

Build the bridge between your sales performance and your expenses. Keep track of your ingredients’ fluctuating prices, link them to your recipes’ profitability, and adapt your pricing to maximize profits.

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Food Cost Software

Save 100s of hours

Digitize your tasks, record events
on the spot, & take decisions anywhere

Democratized Data Entry

Feed your system with reliable,
accurate, up to date data

Boosted Accuracy

Count stock as a team, set powerful
user permissions, & automate workflows.

Built For Recipe Consistency

Create Replicable Recipes & Ensure Consistency Across Branches

  • Build clear recipes that anyone in your team can replicate. 
  • Set adapted units of measurement, and let Supy do the rest of the math.
  • Assign defined roles to control who can register recipes – and avoid duplicates.
Recipe Australia
Monitor Recipe Profitability

Keep Track Of Your Recipe's Profitability As Ingredient Prices Fluctuate

  • Build the bridge between your POS’s prices and ingredient costs.
  • Set Food Cost Targets per recipe, and set real-time alerts whenever you go beyond threshold.
  • Visualize above-target menu items at a glance, and take action.
Set The Fair price

Calculate Your Profits Using Real-Time Ingredient Prices

  • Set your selling price based on your food cost target, or vice-versa.
  • Set rules, such as VAT, per inventory, and let Supy adapt the selling price accordingly, per branch.
Food Cost Calculator
Cost Analysis dashboard - restaurant software analytics
Built-in, Real-Time dashboards

Monitor Profitability, Costs, & Variance

  • Leverage Supy’s built-in restaurant dashboards to keep an eye on profitability, theft, and wastage.
  • Visualize the performance of each menu item, and take the necessary action to optimize each one of them.

Supy’s Food Costing Software helps cost controllers contemplate different scenarios that include ingredient price fluctuation, recipe costing and profitability, menu performance, and supplier performance, in order to best navigate the ever-changing F&B landscape.

Giacomo Basile - Cost Controller - Modern Food Company
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One-Click Integrations

Built to work with your existing ecosystem. Got a POS system or accounting software ? We work with the tools you already use.
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Take your F&B business
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