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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can add your fixed costs to your recipe’s costs.

Your supplier will receive an email with a purchase order listing all the items ordered. The supplier can confirm or reject the order, without the need to install or sign into Supy. 

Yes, Supy has a mobile for both iPhone and Android. 

Yes, Supy can be customized to fit your needs, such as adapting to your costing methods, integrating to your existing ecosystem, and more. 

Upon signing an agreement with Supy, an account manager will be taking care of you. They will input all the back of house data related to your hospitality business; from inputting invoices, to setting up your inventories and recipes. Once a first stock count is performed and your team is ready to get going, the implementation process ends. It typically takes a few days. 

Supy operates in the cloud, meaning no hardware required, and no compatibility issue to consider. 

Supy was born into the modern times, meaning we offer a state-of-the-art user experience designed to require 0 training from anyone within your team. We are also mobile-native, meaning the platform is natively accessible from your smartphone or tablet. 

Supy customers get access to customer support through their portal.

An onboarding program to set up your platform is part of our services. 

Yes, supy tracks ingredient costs and registers food waste. Not only that, Supy showcases the price fluctuations per ingredient and per 

An F&B inventory management system helps with recipe management and portion control by providing standardized recipes, tracking ingredient quantities in real-time, calculating costs, reducing waste, optimizing menu offerings, and automating ordering and replenishment processes.

Any hospitality business ! This includes all types of restaurants (fine dining, chains, single standing locations, fast service restaurants…), hotels, ghost kitchens…

Supy is an inventory management platform built to help hospitality businesses maximize their profits by reducing their costs. Our suite of products cover all back of house operations, namely procurement, inventory, invoices & settlements, central kitchen, production planning, menu & recipes. An additional layer of reports & analytics aggregating data from all operations enables our customers to take data-driven decisions in order to cut costs. 

Yes, Supy supports multiple inventories across branches. 

Yes, Supy supports multiple inventories per location.

You’re free to set up as many separate inventories as needed (kitchen, bar, equipment, dinner & glassware…), per location.

Yes, Supy provides different roles and permissions for different users, and across all Supy products; from procurement to inventory. Our roles include Manager, Staff, & Drafter.

  • Managers have full rights to the platform.
  • Staff are limited in their use.
  • Drafters can only draft orders and receiving, and need the approval of a Manager for their request to be processed.

Our pricing follows a traditional B2B Software as a Service offering, with monthly contracts, or yearly contracts with discounts.

No additional costs are to be expected, unless you choose to opt in for one of more of our professional services, which enable our customers to outsource the time-consuming tasks it takes to run an efficient and accurate operation. 

Yes, as a back of house software, Supy integrates with numerous POS systems, ERPs, and accounting software – namely Foodics, Revel, Micros, and more, to help you do more with the tools you currently have.

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