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Help Your Customers Take Back Control Of Their Back-Of-House

Recommend with a state-of-the-art restaurant inventory management platform that specializes in back-of-house operations.  Empower your customers with decision-making clarity using live, accurate, reliable restaurant data to cut costs, reduce waste, and boost profits.

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Generous Partnership

A win-win business model
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Best-In-Class Software

Market-leading back-of-house
& restaurant inventory technology

2,000+ Customers

Work with an established player
used by the leading restaurants

Leading Restaurant Inventory Software

Give Your Customers The Means To Achieve Their Goals

With 6 interconnected modules covering all back-of-house restaurant operations, Supy is the premier restaurant inventory management solution for F&B businesses looking to cut costs and maximize profits. From procurement to menu engineering, and from inventory to restaurant analytics, accurate data flows in, out, and through Supy, enabling restaurant operators to make informed decisions at all times, with confidence.

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Built-in Dashboards Powered By Live Data

Help Customers Find & Address Discrepancies Fast & In Full Autonomy

Help your clients make data-driven decisions quickly and accurately using our suite of built-in dashboards covering supplier performance, cost analysis, variance reports, wastage, and more. Thanks to our integrations to POS & Accounting solutions, Supy imports and exports data automatically. 

Mobile Restaurant Inventory App

Designed For Busy Teams

Restaurant staff are always on the go and can’t afford to wait until they find a computer to act. Supporting your customers with a mobile inventory app to count stock, register wastage, and put in orders on-the-go ensures a regular feed of accurate data into their system.

Stock Count Inventory mobile app
We Help You Help Them

Know What's Going On With Crystal Clear Clarity

Review your customers’ inventory health, sales results, and  menu performance at a glance using Supy’s built-in analytics powered by live data. Set up robust user permissions to establish control, and advise in addressing discrepancies before it’s too late.

Integrates with POS & Accounting Software

Built to work with your existing ecosystem. Got a POS system or accounting software ? We work with the tools you already use.
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Supy’s partnership team does a great job at supporting the partner’s goal and customer project. They do what it takes to help you win.

Khalil Kanaan - Managing Partner

Take your advisory business
& your profits to the next level

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