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نظرة عامة على المنصة

نظام إدارة المخزون ( ٦ في ١ ) الخاص بتقليل التكاليف والهدر

احصل على مجموعة من متكاملة من الحلول والأنطمة والتي ستساعدك على إدارة وتشغيل كافة عمليات مطعمك الداخلية لتعظيم إرباحك من خلال تقليل التكاليف وعمليات الهدر. إدارة المخزون ، إدارة المشتريات ، إدارة المينو والوصفات ، الفواتير والتسويات مع الموردين ، التقارير والتحليلات ، إدارة المطابخ المركزية ، كل هذا في منصة واحدة ، دقيقة ، محكمة ، وقابلة للتوسع والتطوير
قامت أنظمة سابي بتحويل وتغيير جذري لعملياتنا. من خلال نظام إدارة المخزون الذكي تم تبسيط كل عملياتنا وتحسين طرقنا في استخدام الموارد وزيادة هوامش إربحانا. بالفعل تغيرت جميع قواعد اللعبة لدينا!
بدر العجمي - الرئيس التنفيذي لمجموعة دونك التجارية
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6 natively connected modules designed eliminate back of house guesswork

restaurant inventory management

Inventory Management

Find discrepancies fast, count your stock 3X faster and 2X as accurate with Parallel Count, monitor COGS in separate inventories within a single location, and access the industry’s most advanced inventory analytics to boil down your variance


Accelerate your buying process with our mobile app, avoid shortages with automated ordering recommendations, and identify cost-reducing buying opportunities using clear reporting
Product shot of Supy's procurement product. Designed for suppliers and purchase orders.
inventory management

Invoices & Settlements​

Accelerate your invoice recording process, boost receiving & inventory accuracy, & manage statements of account easily to stay in control of your supplier payments, at scale.

Menu & Recipes​

Enter precise items and quantities to replicate recipes easily, link real-time ingredient price to recipes to never sell at a loss, and find the price that’s right for both you and your customers with our cost simulator.
inventory management
inventory management

Reports & Analytics​

The control centre of your business. Better manage and control your Back of House through powerful reporting. View COGS, Variance, Most Sold Items, Most Profitable items, and take smarter decisions today – not at the end of the quarter.

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Nothing to install, ever. Benefit from
an always-up-to-date software.

Ultra-Secure Infrastructure

With market-leading security protocols in place, your data is kept safe at all times.

Powerful User Permissions

Manage users across your business with ease and confidence.

Real-Time Everything

Real-time data and analytics for immediate data-driven decisions.

Designed For Mobile

From smartphones to tablets, Supy was designed for teams on-the-go.

Best-In-Class UX

Designed to be used instantly by anyone, with zero training.

Continuous Updates

Software updated on a weekly basis.
We listen to feedback and apply it.

Professional Services

Outsource the time-consuming tasks required to keep your inventory accurate.

Supy Delivers Immense Value To Its Customers

Just like butter,
Supy goes with everything

Built to work with your existing ecosystem. Got a POS system or accounting software ? We work with the tools you already use.
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Take your hospitality business
to the next level

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