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Meet Our Customers​

The Leading Hospitality Businesses Run Their Inventory On Supy​

Owners, Operations Managers, and Chefs use Supy on a daily basis to improve their costs and maximize their profitability

La Carnita boosts profits by 15%, with Supy

“Small changes, big results : from helping us replicate recipes accurately to keeping track of our menu’s profitability, Supy’s an all-encompassing, must-have solution for hospitality businesses looking to grow sustainably.”

Khalil Kanaan – Managing Partner

Pinza! reduces its variance by a record-high 83%​, with Supy

“Supy’s ultra-accurate inventory makes finding and addressing discrepancies quick and easy. We’ve reduced waste, improved variance, and increased profits in record time. Incredible !”

Tamer Elkhayat – Managing Partner

Hattem Matar reduces COGS by 24%, with Supy

“Supy is the must-have F&B partner for new restaurants needing to measure performance fast and adapt to thrive. Value-adding solution, seamless integrations, time-saving professional services.”

Hattem M. – Owner

Burger28 saves 100 hours every month, with Supy ​

“Supy helps you maximize profits by giving you the tools to look within your business. There’s a lot of power in that.”

Alex Debarre – Owner

This is Supy.

The 6-in-1 Back-of-House management platform designed to eliminate guesswork from restaurant operations using data and automation.

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